Tom Cochrun Author/Emmy Award Winning Journalist
Cochrun Creative–Creative Consultant/Writer/Director/Strategic Analysis & Planning/ Author/Speaker/Journalist
Lou is a motivator with power, a pastor and counselor with compassion and understanding and a dynamic content provider. I’ve seen him be excellent in all areas of his rich portfolio of skills.
Lou published a motivational column for our editorial content site, and he also provided voice over talent for our media production division. Lou also shares his time and talent as a bi-vocational pastor of a multi ethnic church in Indianapolis.
I guess you can see by now, Lou is one unique and gifted individual who can light up a room, rally the troops, meet your editorial or talent needs and deadlines and still tend to helping people navigate the ups and downs of life. Lot of skills here and he’s always ready to be positive influence. He is one of a kind.

Grace Trahan
Former Anchor at WRTV

Lou is a dynamic speaker who has a gift for connecting with his audience. He is humorous, inspirational and thoughtful. I’ve heard a lot of speeches in my 20 plus years in broadcasting, and few speakers have captivated my attention like Lou Stoops. He is powerful, but not overwhelming, and everyone who hears him speak can’t help but be uplifted and moved by his powerful message.

Rob Albright
Business, Community, and Sales Leader; Coach; Professional / Motivational Speaker; Author
There are some people in the world you simply want on your team, and Lou falls into that category for me. His passion for helping people work through whatever problems face them and come out the other end not only better, but more confident and more equipped to handle big things is palatable and contagious. I began working with Lou and his group at St. Vincent 4 years ago, and he remains someone I trust implicitly to provide sage wisdom and exactly the right feedback.

He also shows an obvious compassion for the people he serves and I know surrounds them with tremendous people and marvelous lessons. I would recommend Lou to anyone looking to make improvements in their professional lives or anyone simply in need of an honest opinion. Lou is one of the “good guys” in this world, and I hope anyone will receive this note as the unequivocal endorsement of a special person.

Rob Albright
Director of Sales and Business Development
Polymer Science, Inc.